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About Orcapod


Orcapod is a Consulting & Technology Services firm founded by senior industry professionals coming from reputed international organizations. Like the Orcas which roam the great oceans around the globe, we work with Global and Indian Clients providing assistance in their critical IT & business improvement initiatives.

Orcapod Consulting helps its clients to improve business operations by combining its expertise in the areas of Business & IT Consulting, Outsourcing, Operations Transformation and Services Optimization. Our experienced consulting workforce complements the CIO organization and helps it deliver more within its budgets & demanding schedules. Explicit Business Outcome, our proprietary methodology gives high priority to employing existing client assets for delivering the range of results that will make substantial and sustained difference to our client’s business.

Orcapod Technology Services offers innovative and customized solutions to meet the resourcing needs of our clients in the IT space. Our ability to attract and retain high performing workforce ensures on demand access of talent capacity to our clients for meeting business commitments.

Fuelled by our shared vision, we help to make our client’s businesses more efficient, more profitable, and prepared to succeed. We help to make them Future Ready.


To become a leading organization offering client centric, outcome driven Consulting & Technology Services.


  1. Focus on long term client relationships and offer business centric solutions
  2. Build an ecosystem within the organization to foster a culture of continuous innovation & client focused mindset
  3. Attract & retain high performing talent
  4. Build an organization which delivers benchmark business performance


Client Focused Mindset:

Client is the reason why we exist. It is our Clients who determine what our business is all about. It is our  client’s willingness to trust us and pay for our services that keeps us in business. We build and nurture mature and professional relationships with our clients. Whatever we do, will always add value to our clients. We ensure that Client Satisfaction is driven as a way of our working. Our relationships and services enable our clients to help them serve their clients better and achieve Business Success.

Long Term Relationships:

We focus on building long term relationships with our stakeholders. We invest and nurture our relationships with clients to help us provide services which in turn will help our clients succeed. Orcapod focuses on attracting and retaining high performance talent and build relationships which spans across their tenure with the company and also afterwards. We build mutually beneficial and stable relationships with our suppliers based on transparency and trust. This will help Orcapod and our partners to reap the benefits of association into the long term.

Team Work & Learning:

We foster Team work helping our people learn collectively and at an accelerated pace. We applaud team achievements and structure our incentives to promote team work. Orcapod invests in infrastructure to support knowledge management and enable our people to generously share knowledge and succeed together.

Integrity & Transparency:

We highly value personal and professional integrity. We strive to build a professional and transparent organization where decision making is based on objective assessment of business situations considering a balanced view of all stakeholders. Orcapod expects high levels of personal and professional integrity from our people at all levels

Enjoy Our Work:

Orcapod will build a work environment which is open, non-hierarchical and performance driven. People who love challenges and a performance driven culture will enjoy working with us. We will build an environment which will ensure that all our stakeholders will enjoy being associated with Orcapod. We will come to office because we enjoy our work and care for our clients.

Passion for Excellence:

We are passionate about our work and we will strive for excellence in whatever we do. Our journey towards excellence is never ending, continuous and at high speed. We see a better tomorrow in all our endeavors.

Benchmark Business Performance:

Client Business requirements is our reason for being in Business. Delivering benchmark business performance is critical for ensuring that we have the capability for delivering excellent services to our clients. Industry benchmark business performance is a measure of the efficiency of our operations and ensures long term viability of Orcapod.

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