8 Things That Makes Us a Better Staffing Partner

Tarunesh Mongia
Tarunesh Mongia

As part of my work profile, I meet lot of our potential clients on the regular basis. One question that I keep confronting most of the time is to differentiate Orcapod from other options that a client have. I am sure this ask is not unique to Orcapod but is a legitimate question for every staffing vendor.

If we were in a product business, selling a SAAS software or a mobile phone; It was so easy to take out the product and show 20 differences and make a compelling case for client to buy from us. However, what you do when you are offering a service and every claim that you make in that discussion look “Sales”. Needless to say, all other competitors can make similar or more impressive claims without blinking an eyelid. What you do when you know that service is an experience that a client will only consume, once he starts working. With all these challenges, it is important that we remain honest and resist the temptations to make large claims or set wrong expectations; Because that will lead to nothing other than winners curse.

Despite I having an issue with the question; I can understand why this is a legitimate one and needs to be answered. So without being too emotional about it; Here is my list of eight differences that makes us better.

Explore How Orcapod Is Changing The Game And Winning

Focus And Simplicity

One Industry And Nothing Else.
In Pursuit of scale, when companies are trying to offer every possible service in every possible domain, Orcapod is relentlessly focused on a very narrowly defined market segment. Our mantra; Do Less but Do it Well. What our clients get in return is deep domain expertise and better service delivery.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
Bruce Lee

Scalability And Predictability

Expandable Capacity With Service Assurance
We know our customers won’t like to deal with twenty different vendors to meet their talent needs. They need partners who can scale up, when their business needs more. Our domain focused large Talent Acquisition team, ensures that our throughput capacity offers much needed scalability and certainty.
Boutique vendors with sub-critical capacity or catering to broad industry verticals, work well when clients’ needs are easy and of insignificant size. However these options run out of steam, the moment clients push the demand paddle. This leads to no option but to deal with dozens of vendors, adding operational complexity and unproductive effort.

Nicest People To Work With

Flexible, Trustworthy And Professional
We are not in the race to be largest or fastest growing company. Our desire is to have deep domain expertise, know what we are doing, to be transparent, not too defensive, not too pushy; Someone who act as trusted advisers. In effect to become a company who is easy and fun to work with
We have this no-nonsense, professional work culture that attracts people of a particular kind. People who are not in hurry, work hard, remain transparent in everything they do.
In transaction heavy staffing business, where every discussion is a negotiation, clients find us easy to deal with and get peace working with us. .

Operational And Financial Stability

Responsible Business Rather Than Doing More
We are never tempted to pursue business for the sake of buying revenues. Our incessant focus on financially sustainable relationship ensures that we remain capable to fulfill our obligations and never expose any of our stakeholders to unexpected disruption.
As a strategy, Orcapod ensures that none of our clients contribute more than 15% of our revenue. With more than 80 medium to large enterprise customers, what our clients get in return is vendor stability and peace of mind.
One thing that keeps clients awake is the fear of vendor stability. Excessive dependencies on selective customers or running unprofitable deals can make vendors fragile and prone to volatility risk. Their irresponsible behavior can cause operational headache and real damage to client’s reputation.

Regulatory Compliance

Sometime Getting Zero Is A Good News
We have impeccable track record on compliance front. We work as staffing vendors to prestigious clients that includes leading Investment Banking firms and Fortune 500 companies. We can proudly say that In history of Orcapod, we have zero issues on compliance front with government or with any of our client.
Our client profile has very high expectations on compliance front. Our successful and multiyear relationships with these clients is a true confirmation of our claims.

Risk Management

Staffing Is More Than Just Service Delivery
Our clients understand that service delivery has to be backed by mechanism that protect their business from unknowns. Orcapod ensures that it has all the required insurance coverage for protecting their clients from any financial, operational or

  • reputational risk
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Workman Compensation
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Crime Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public & Product Liability

Technology Enabled,Process Driven

Delivery Excellence Means Quality Of Its Deliverable
When it comes to Talent Supply Chain Management, sub- optimal processes and lack of quality control leads to unnecessary waste; Leading to unproductive effort investment from clients. Orcapod leverages technology platforms and stringent quality control to ensure that nothing move to client that is irrelevant or run a risk becoming a waste.
Orcapod is a company with soul of a startup and mindset of a big company. It spends 2.7% of its annual revenues on Process Innovation, Data Management and Technology Platforms

Inch Wide,Mile Deep

Comprehensive Range Of Services In A Narrowly Defined Industry Segment
When it comes to Talent Supply Chain, no two problem statements ask for similar solution. Challenges can be around skill combinations, time to on board, or employment branding. Orcapod offers suite of service products that offer solutions for each of these problem statement. What clients get in return is fine grained solution and better return on their time investment.

  • Permanent Hiring
  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract to Hire
  • Hire Train and Deploy
  • Payroll Transfer
  • Career Event
  • Meet-up Event
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Background Verification

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