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Societies all over the world are embracing LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community and companies too are showing their solidarity. It is a reality that LGBTQ professionals find it difficult to bring their full identity to the workplace. The current situation of the LGBTQ community in the global workplace is positive and it paves the way towards diversity in the workplace.

A modern-day company is defined by the value it places on its greatest asset – its employees. Building a high performing team requires one to be accepting of the diversity they bring in terms of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and physical and mental capabilities.

Though companies launch inclusivity programs, finding the right talent has been a challenge.

As diversity hiring consultants, we help build inclusive cultures by supporting businesses with recruitment, integration and sensitization. Orcapod invites all talented professionals and colleagues from the LGBTQ community to share your resumes with us

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No, we are not hiring anyone, but we are creating a dedicated talent pool of individuals from LGBTQ community and map them against openings in different companies.

For us all employees are equal unless and until there is any special case i.e. people with physical disability

We believe in diversity and inclusion and prevention of sexual harassment policy is absolutely gender agnostic and complains from people from LGBTQ community will be treated as at par with any other employees.

You can also list down all your skillset at Career With Orcpod and we will do the due diligence before sharing the resume forward. Alternatively, you can go through the requirement of our client here and see whether you have any matching skill set and apply accordingly.

There is no specific dress code for LGBTQ community but every professional organisation expects their employees to dress and present professionally.

While some companies in India do offer health benefits for same sex couples in India, it is at the company’s discretion.

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