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Reducing IT budgets along with increasing demand from business users is creating never before prioritization challenges for the CIO community. As discretionary budgets are reducing, lack of structured approach in prioritizing the demands can lead to sub optimal investment allocation and hence reduced ROI. Decisions built on insufficient information can lead to projects getting frozen or applications developed with no or little rationale.

What distinguishes us from the Consulting divisions of IT Services Organizations is our experienced workforce, agility and company construct. Consulting is our business and we are a genuine and neutral enabler in our advise. We do not carry the risks or benefits of pull through subsequent revenues. We are open to delivering assignments in different commercial constructs ranging from the normal models to aligning Orcapod business benefits to the benefits and savings of our Clients.

Orcapod consultants have years of experience in assessment of new business initiatives. Our structured approach will help you building a strong business case for your investment initiatives leading to selection of the right investment opportunities, improved ROI, ease of internal buy-in and strengthened confidence in IT leadership.

On behalf of your organization, we conduct an in-depth analysis on various investment opportunities and compare financial and non financial returns leading to investment recommendations that are based on facts and figures.

We can assist your managers or, on your behalf, develop a structured business case to assist you in taking informed decisions and develop recommendations based on the strategies, benefits, risks and financial impact of the alternatives.

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