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Conventional recruitment contracts with vendor partners are built on assumption of medium complexity – moderate volume work. They are not the most suitable for low complexity large volume work. Recruitment leadership has dilemma whether to do it in-house with stretched capacity and delay the on-boarding or involve vendors and increase the operational cost. Orcapod solve these conflicting priorities by a service product name Career Events. Following are some of scenarios where career events are useful:

  • Temporary Surge in Talent Demand: Due to spurt in business activity, organization is facing temporary surge in talent demand. While skill complexity is low, but hiring numbers are unusually high. Internal hiring capacity is not sufficient and asking for vendor help is imminent
  • Always On, Recurring Demand of Similar Kind: Either due to business demand or unusual high attrition, regular – all season recruitment support for specific skills is required. Getting this done in-house bloat the internal capacity and outsourcing it to vendor partner increase the recruitment cost.

Service Overview

Rapid Response
One Fixed Fee
Multiple Selects

Client Value Proposition

Career Events are like walk-ins but its commercial construct is on foot fall and not on selects. Orcapod charge a low lump-sum fee for each event and client can make as many selections as possible. There is no outcome based fee for Orcapod.

  • Client meets its intended objective of large volume hiring at reduced cost
  • As this is SOW service, there is no need to refer existing vendor agreement having fee for niche and complex requirement
  • Client gets high throughput capacity and hence doesn’t require to ramp-up in-house capacity

Solution Overview

Cost Comparison

How It Works

  • Organization decide specific skills that needs to be covered under career events format; with recruitment numbers and timelines.
  • Orcapod team do required market research and come up with delivery plan that includes event dates and estimated foot fall.
  • Orcapod work with the client and finalize date or “set of dates” when these events will happen. They jointly decide the lineup targets for each event.
  • Orcapod will ensure that target lineups are sourced and shortlisted against given job description.
  • Client will conduct the interviews and selected candidates will be offered.
  • Orcapod will charge one fixed fee for each event that depends on skill complexity and targeted lineups.

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