Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity is no longer a management school philosophy but a reality that has proven its case several times over. A thriving metropolis or a prosperous urban city is a prime example of the need for Diversity and Inclusion. Our workplaces mirror the sociocultural dynamics at play in our lives outside work.


Seeing things differently is what continues to drive innovation in a global marketplace. Orcapod recognizes the power of diversity and as a company is built on the belief that diverse workforce is our competitive advantage. We are of the opinion that organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion bring better business outcome; which includes deep sense of belonging, authenticity and high performance culture. We are also proud to have a clientele that truly believes in the power of Diversity and Inclusion.

Our experience says that while our clients know the importance of these aspects, but due to absence of coherent strategy and lack of experience, recruitment leadership struggle to meet their desired goals. Typical challenges for them are

  • To Build internal consensus and ensure that people being part of selection process doesn’t carry unconscious bias
  • To Ensure continuous and healthy pipeline of diverse and competent candidates.
  • Warrant that internal work environment and organizational culture is conducive to attract and retain this kind of talent.
  • While it still possible to maintain gender diversity at entry level roles and designations, maintaining the same become difficult at senior levels.
  • There is no in house competence to attract talent that is differently abled or belong to a specific community or sexual orientation.

Inclusion and Diversity is not a CSR checklist. Orcapod works with clients whose focus is to hire talented diversity candidates across all levels. Our clients have realized that we are only limited by our mental capabilities and not physical ones. Whether it is hiring individuals with disabilities or women candidates across the board, Orcapod ensures that our client’s mandate never gets diluted. We have deep experience of helping clients fulfilling their diversity and inclusion objectives.

We help our clients to manage their diversity implementation programs across all levels; Specifically recruiting women talent with significant career breaks and getting them Back to Work. To know more about our capabilities and credentials in this space, refer to case studies section.

Delivering Through Diversity

It has been estimated that closing the gender gap would add $28 trillion to the value of the global economy by 2025. Found corporations that embrace gender diversity on their executive teams were more competitive and 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. They also had a 27% likelihood of outperforming their peers on longer-term value creation.

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