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Most of the IT Captives have helped their parent organization in harvesting offshore benefits without compromising on IP concerns and proprietary knowledge. However, as most of the application landscape is becoming industry knowledge, it is increasingly difficult for IT captives to justify exclusivity in providing IT services to its parent organization. Additionally, as margin expectations of third party vendors are reducing, it is becoming tricky for IT captives to provide substantial savings over other sourcing options. The questions that IT Captive leadership is asking today:

  • In the application & infrastructure landscape that I support for my parent organization, what incremental value I bring over a third party IT vendor.
  • What is my ‘People Value Proposition’ to the staff that they chose me as a preferred employer over an IT services company
  • How can I reduce my operational cost without compromising service quality and remain a viable option for my parent organization.
  • What kind of unique capabilities can I build that I remain a step ahead in the game. What kind of alliances can I build with offshore vendors that we co-exist and offer the best of both worlds to my parent organization.
  • Am I ready for demand volatility and whether my teams are ready for change in technology landscape? Do I have sufficient variability in my cost structure to align myself with rapidly changing business environment?
  • Do we have adequate program management capacity to run all my programs successfully?

Our proprietary methodology, EBO [Explicit Business Outcome] has a strong bias for leveraging existing resources to the maximum. Our operations centric outcome driven consulting approach does critical analysis before making big bang investments and ensures rapid ROI.

Our senior consulting workforce has decades of operational experience and understand the business needs of our IT captive clients. We can help our clients address their most important issues in the following areas:

  • Program Management of important initiatives, transition management and running PMO for critical projects, resulting in cost savings and reduced risks.
  • Supplier’s research, Business Case Development, RFI RFP preparation, managing & supporting end to end Outsourcing and Offshoring assistance for high value low risk services.
  • Building capabilities around fix cost projects, estimations, intellectual property protection, demand driven talent supply chain, bench optimization, Capex to Opex conversion. Creating of high performing delivery organization by building new frameworks, methodologies, tools, matrices and business aligned dashboards.

We have no financial interest in downstream IT implementation and support activities and hence act as an unbiased advisor. Our involvement with our IT captive clients goes way beyond strategy, blueprints or plan. We work with client’s team shoulder to shoulder and ensure that desired business results are delivered.

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  1. Program & Project Management
  2. Project & Program Management Office (PMO)
  3. Business Case Development
  4. Risk Management
  5. Engagement Resurgence
  6. Transition Management
  7. Requirement Development
  8. Operations Transformation
  9. Organization Improvement
  10. Service Optimization
  11. Cloud Computing
  12. Supplier Research
  13. RFI and RFP Preparation
  14. Governance Support

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