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In continuing pursuit of business growth, organizations take snapshot view of their IT investments. This leads to unstructured growth, causing high cost & environmentally unsustainable operations. While it is unavoidable to have tactical responses to the dynamic nature of the market environment, it is necessary for the organizations to look back and put their house in order. This kind of initiatives not only helps in cost savings but also prepare the organization to take the next big leap of change.

Orcapod consulting services on IT Transformation help our client’s to reevaluate and reconstruct their IT environment. This helps to improve operational efficiency, overall carbon footprint and return on investment. Typically our team would work in the areas of Application Portfolio Rationalization, Platform Realignment, Data Management, Infrastructure Reconstruction and IT Governance.

On client customer demand, we do extend our involvement into the execution of the Transformation plan. If you want to know more about ‘IT Transformation’ Services, we can run a one day no cost no obligation Blending workshop with the key stakeholders.

What distinguishes us from the Consulting divisions of IT Services Organizations is our experienced workforce, agility and company construct. Consulting is our business and we are a genuine and neutral enabler in our advise. We do not carry the risks or benefits of pull through subsequent revenues. We are open to delivering assignments in different commercial constructs ranging from the normal models to aligning Orcapod business benefits to the benefits and savings of our Clients.

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