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As clients are understanding and integrating contingent workforce as part of their talent strategy, they are getting overwhelmed with the operational complexity of dealing with this change. Management capacity is getting stretched, leading to sub-optimal outcomes. Talent management leadership is dealing with the following challenges.

  • Due to lack of internal capacity and experience; teams are facing challenges on governance, contract and vendor management
  • In absence of right kind of tools and processes, business workflows are managed via emails, leading to lack of visibility, traceability and operational control.
  • Contingent workforce relationships are not as simple as permanent employee. Contract, Contract to Hire, Hire Train & Deploy, Freelancers; every solution is unique and so is way of working. Multiple workforce relationship are exposing organization to different kind of compliance & reputational risk.
  • Lack of deep competence to evaluate vendor partners is leading to nasty surprises and operational disruption. In absence of experience, teams are not leveraging full capabilities of contingent workforce channel.
  • Due to underlying asset as people, every transactions is unique, putting negotiation stress on internal teams. In absence of benchmarking data, discussions with vendors are becoming wrangling.

Orcapod MSP teams bring deep experience, proven credentials and proprietary tools to offer consistent experience to the client organization. Our MSP solution can work across the organization or a part of the contingent workforce portfolio.

Workforce that We Manage as MSP

Vendor Sourced
Vendor Managed
Orcapod Sourced
Orcapod Managed
Client Referred
Orcapod Managed
Statement of Work
and Freelancers
Seasonal Workforce

Signs of a Compelling Business Case

See these symptoms and if some of it is true for you; May be it is time to explore MSP options.

  • Managing your contingent workforce is becoming more complicated. Your team is ballooning and still struggling for capacity.
  • You are only using limited capabilities of the contingent workforce channel. You are saying no to request when requirements are unconventional or unique
  • Most of leadership capacity is exhausted in operational issues with very limited left for strategic intervention.
  • Time to onboard the talent is way above expectations of business owners; leading to dissatisfaction and eroding trust.
  • Changing labor policies keeps you awake and organization is continuously playing catchup.
  • Legal and Finance team is overwhelmed with contract management and account payable workload

Funding Option

Clients can opt for following funding options:

  • Client funded
  • Vendor funded
  • Jointly funded

What We Do As Part Of the MSP

  • Work with client to build and strengthen contingent workforce strategy
  • Roll-out vendor evaluation, onboarding and management platform
  • Setup Program Management Office for governance support and MIS
  • Vendor Evaluation,Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Administration
  • Defining Job Description and Deriving Rate Cards
  • Manage end to end selection, rate negotiation and onboarding process
  • Purchase Order and Timesheet Management
  • Invoice Reconciliation and Payment Processing
  • Consultant Contract Management & Roll-Offs
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Candidate Feedback and Performance Management
  • Tools Training and Management
  • SOW management
  • Compliance audits and assurance
  • Broadening and strengthening the Freelance Ecosystem
  • Freelance payment processing
  • Direct sourcing for cost reduction
  • Data management for reuse and later redeployment
  • Spend analysis and optimization
  • Managing payrolled talent
  • Vendor performance benchmarking
  • Employer brand enhancing

Our Proprietary Tools to Manage MSP

Orcapod has proprietary tools to manage end to end processes related to MSP. To know more about it, go to our platform

MSP Options We Have

When a client context is unique so is the solution. In situation like these, Orcapod run design workshops with the client teams and propose a MSP solution that is aligned to the business needs. Typically these programs take 10-12 weeks to implement and another 4-6 weeks to stabilize.

As part of the startup process, Orcapod do current state assessment, capture business drivers and propose possible options. Generally focus of these solutions are on reducing operational overheads, cost reduction, compliance enhancement, reduction of time-to-onboard and better risk management. Our solutions are generally modular in nature, where we can pick-up all or part of total solution.

These solutions are more appropriate for mid-market clients where complexity is low to moderate. Our framework driven approach, supported by proprietary tools can help in rapid rollout of the MSP. These programs typical take 6-8 weeks for roll-out and another 2-4 weeks to stabilize. Focus of these solutions are standardization, compliance management and cost reduction.

What clients get in return are proven solutions, lower operational distractions and rapid ROI.

In situations where client experience of working with multiple vendors in particular skill or geographical area is unsatisfactory, Orcapod suggest Unisource MSP solution. As part of this solution Orcapod take ownership of end to end management that includes MSP program, Governance and even talent fulfilment. These solutions are more appropriate in context of complex organization, dealing with size or scale problem.

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