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Leverage our consulting experience at the intersection of technology and talent acquisition.

Talent acquisition is not a one size fits all business. Problem definitions are unique and so are solutions. When it comes to niche and senior talent, conventional method of going to job portals or publishing We-Are-Hiring posts on professional networks doesn’t work. Candidates are hard to find and harder to convince. This problem is even more acute if organization is an unknown brand or is working from a city that is skill starved. Recruitment leadership face following kind of challenges:

  • Client see supply side constraint in a geography for a particular skill, where talent funnel is just not caching up with business demand.
  • Market doesn’t perceive this organization as a consumer of that particular skill. Organization is struggling with lack of brand visibility and less than fair share of employee mindshare
  • Organization operate in a particular city, whereas skill is available in another geography. Due to lack of brand comfort either candidates are not keen to move or renege percentages are high.
  • Due to competitive market conditions, organization see visible decline in candidate quality. Selection rates in walk-in are dropping. Organization has no option but to target passive candidates.
  • Passive candidates are “passive”. They are not looking for a change, not active on job portals, don’t entertain employment calls and not interested in coming for an interview.
  • Even recruitment teams and vendors partners are getting tired; They perceive these candidates as too demanding

As more complex work is moving to offshore locations like India, challenges of these kinds are only going to go up. Solutions to these problems are not tactical response or brute force recruitment; but well thought out long term strategy. Orcapod can closely work with clients and help them confront these challenges head on. Orcapod offer a service product name Meet-up Events that help solve this challenge.

Range of industries

Subtle Sale Pitch
Blue Ocean Search
Stable Candidates

Who Are Passive Candidates

They are well settled with their current employer. They are good quality, stable and confident.

Their current employer is happy and that is why there are there. They are fairly paid and they are enjoying what they are doing

They are not active on job portals, They don’t come in search

They don’t entertain employment calls, They don’t come for walk-ins

Some of them might not even know where to look for job. They have not done this for years

Even recruiters don’t like to hire them, they are too demanding

Niche Skill Hiring

Meetup Events


How It Works

This works on a conference/ knowledge sharing format; where Orcapod closely work with Client team on exclusive basis.

Team decides to work on a skills where funnel making is a challenge or quality is deteriorating.

Organization and Orcapod jointly finalize date or “set of dates” when these events will happen. They jointly decide the lineup targets for each event.

Orcapod will ensure that target lineups are sourced and shortlisted against given job description. These sourcing are done with a communication that meet-up event is a community event for knowledge sharing. There is no intent to hire or interview.

Client conduct the Meet-up event in its office premises or on a neutral location. Senior professionals working with client, facilitate the session on some specific industry topics. Objective is to ensure that it help client build thought leadership and also communicate quality of work getting done in that skill area. Client gets undivided attention to communicate their people value proposition.

Client close the session and collect the feedback. One of the question as part of the feedback is to check candidate’s interest in joining the organization. There is no hard sell. Only those candidates are contacted later, who are interested in exploring opportunity.

We remain in touch and wait for them to show their interest. Candidates know about our client. As and when they seek change they will talk; They might get convinced and explore the opportunity.

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