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Why do you need Liquid workforce

Business environment has evolved over the years to meet changing customer needs. In today’s age the customer needs are changing at an unprecedented pace due to advances in technology. Businesses are forced to embrace agile & flexible business model in order to adapt to the rapidly changing customer requirements. Firms can no longer stick to the traditional Organization structure and have to adopt a resourcing model that’s much better at flexing and scaling.

This Flexible or Liquid workforce will enable the company to effectively address the challenges of today’s competitive and volatile business environment. A liquid workforce is a mixture of traditional permanent employees and an adaptable mix of non-employee workers and technologies. The non-employee worker component, which provides the liquidity/adaptability, is most commonly comprised of consultants and gig economy style freelancers who are outsourced on need basis from any part of the world.

In the past decade, India has become the preferred outsourcing destination due to its ability to provide quality talent at a low cost.

Why organizations choose India as their offshoring destination?

  • Offering quality services at affordable costs, India is one of the leaders in the offshoring market
  • According to a survey, around 350 million people in India speak English, which is one of the great benefits for businesses to communicate without any language barrier.
  • India is a massive pool of talent, as 3.1 million students from the finest universities join the workforce each year.
  • Ability to offer the quickest and quality time-to-market due to time zone differences.
  • Outsourcing back office functions to India allows you to spend more time on core competencies.
  • The availability of latest technologies empowers India to cover a big spectrum of skills and competencies.

Deloitte reveals that 59% of businesses outsource to reduce costs, 57% use outsourcing to return focus to the core business, while 47% use it to solve capacity issues.

India remains a leader in the space, with 80% of European and US outsourcing firms ranking India as their number one outsourcing destination. NASSCOM also confirms that up to half of all Fortune 500 companies outsource their software development to Indian firms.

Liquid workforce hired on contract basis enables the organizations to respond to ever changing business needs. Dealing with various staffing solutions bring its own challenges for HR Management and fragmented market is making it difficult for organizations to select the right staffing partner. Lack of professional approach and transparency in the staffing ecosystem is causing trust deficit among the workforce leading to low morale and high levels of attrition. Additionally, lack of controls and ad-hoc approach to compliance requirements by staffing partner can expose IT organizations to legal, financial and reputational risks. Hence, organizations need a staffing partner that can meet their tactical as well as strategic business needs.

Orcapod is a staffing company founded by senior industry professionals coming from reputed international companies like Accenture, Atos Origin, Digital, Sapient and Tatas. Our past experience and consulting lineage gives us advantages over other players in attracting & retaining high quality talent. In addition, our professional approach, high ethical standards and transparent business practices offer unparalleled experience to all the involved stakeholders.

Our robust technology platform provides end-to-end automation of talent management processes. Well integrated sub systems like e-Recruitment, HRIS, e-Learning, learning & development, payroll processing, performance management and attendance tracking ensure that sufficient support is provided to consultants working with our clients. This helps minimizing distraction from their core responsibility of client deliveries.


Orcapod Advantage: Client Value Proposition

We believe in the power of building long-lasting relationships and are TRULY CLIENT FOCUSED. We bring to our clients:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Customized offshore solutions to medium and small businesses
  • Expandable Capacity with service assurance
  • Robust technology platform providing end to end facilitation of service delivery
  • Reduction of risk through Orcapod’s standardized and rigorous processes
  • Lower attrition than market
  • Transparency and real time visibility
  • Legal and Compliance Assurance
  • Offshore Infrastructure inclusive rates
  • Increased productivity and revenue through rapid fulfilment
  • Client has better operational control on capacity than a conventional offshore model
  • 5 days no obligation trial period


IT & Engineering Services
Retail, Media & Entertainment
Auto, Aerospace & Manufacturing
Banking & Financial Services
Healthcare, Pharma & Life sciences
Telecom & High Tech

Orcapod is leading Liquid Workforce Expert; providing talent of high quality at competitive prices, across geographical boundaries

Our Industry Leading HR Processes and Technology Platform ensure Availability, Predictability and Productivity.

Our Differentiators

  • Pre evaluated high quality consultants
  • No long term commitment of tenure, No lock-ins. On demand Pay per use talent
  • Platform and processes to manage Service Delivery
  • Cost of delivery is lower than conventional channels

Innovative Staffing Solutions for High Performing Organizations

To meet the volatile needs of our client’s businesses, we offer staffing solutions for a predefined duration or on a Specific Project specific basis.

A- We bring customized solutions for our clients that enable them to choose from Full Time Consultants or Part Time Consultants or On-Demand Consultants

These Consultants are available for hiring on contractual basis to meet the project demand for a pre-agreed duration of time. We work closely with your team to identify the right kind of talent and hire them on our payroll and staff them on your project assignments for a predefined period. While our consultants work as part of client teams to deliver desired business results, we take care of their employment benefits, HR concerns and career development needs.

Based on your needs we identify and source the right kind of talent with the required specific skills, who are willing to work on Part Time basis with you for a predefined period. These Assignments are for shorter duration and the consultant is available for four hours per day. The client is not obligated to provide four hours of work and is billed for the hours actually spent on doing the work assigned to the consultant.

On-demand Consultant are resources who are available on project basis for the duration of the project or less. The daily hours are based on the requirement of the client and client is not obligated to provide any given hours of work daily and is billed for the hours actually spent on doing the work assigned to the consultant.

We are serving Small and Medium size IT, Consulting, Product and Services organizations based in Europe and US, who require offshore assistance for their manpower requirements

Indicative Use cases

  • Your organization has recently implemented SAP, you need functional testers.
  • You need consultants to migrate existing applications to AWS.
  • You are launching a product and you need developers to create your B2C/B2B Website.
  • You have an engineering team and you need Phython Developers to develop web applications and maintain your software products.
  • You are running 4 member accounts team; you need 2 additional consultants to accommodate the workload.
  • You have documents written in French, you need translators to translate them in English.
  • You need Executive assistant to support CEO, MD.
  • Your organization wants to deliver exceptional customer service and you need a customer support team to meet your goal.

We provide our clients with 5 day No Obligation Trial Period

You share your requirement, we check & let you know the availability & rates. Once you agree to rates we shortlist good candidates for you. You then Interview and Finalize and agree on rates. Formal engagement starts & Consultant is on-boarded.

Orcapod has advanced time management system for its consultants which tracks the time spent on any given client project. Once the consultants submit Timesheet, it is verified by Orcapod ‘s advance Time tracking tool. Only when it is found accurate, the client is invoiced by Orcapod.

The Part- Time & On-Demand consultant can have dual employment. The Full time consultant is an employee of Orcapod. But We will ensure that The Part- Time & On-Demand consultant are available for pre-agreed daily hours (shift) to you without interruption and will not have any other commitment during the shift.

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