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8 Things That Makes us a Better Staffing Partner.

Engineering Services

Ten Thousand People Engineering Services Company is Powered by Orcapod Talent.

Boutique firms in the recruitment and staffing industry have deep domain expertise, provide high quality of service delivery and are run by knowledgeable founders and professionals. All of this comes with its own set of challenges. Large clients look for recruitment partners who are scalable and who can serve their large demand flow. Acquisition of large clients takes time and effort, and this can act as distractions for boutique firms, particularly as monetising these new relationships is difficult.

Due to seasonality of the business, boutique firms can also struggle with utilisation of their capacity, and this has a direct bearing on their margins / profitability.

If you are a boutique firm based in India, how can you mitigate these challenges?

Partnering with Orcapod will enable you to offer your capacity when you have, without any obligation to keep it locked up for us. You can continue to work for as long as you have enough business.

Who we are

Orcapod is India’s leading talent supply chain company with inhouse capacity. Our integrated approach towards talent supply chain management solutions, service offerings and deep experience in the India market makes us well positioned to offer partnerships to you if you are a recruitment and staffing company based in India.

What will you get if you become Orcapod’s partner?

As our partner, our value proposition to you is:

  • Uninterrupted access to Orcapod’s recruitment platforms
  • Working on our client mandates on a revenue sharing basis
  • Usage of your excess recruiter capacity on T&M basis

What is expected of you as Orcapod’s partner?

  • You must be servicing clients in the India market
  • You must have proven recruitment experience in IT & BPO, or other industry sectors
  • You will be willing to make commitment to a partnership agreement for one year

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