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Failing to realize a critical business objective that calls for a massive mobilization and deployment of organizational resources can be catastrophic. When dealing with mission critical large programs like transition, outsourcing engagement or critical organizational initiative, success can be achieved only through centralized management and careful coordination, with a specific focus on communications and risk management.

Orcapod can establish a PMO on its client’s behalf, which would be responsible for supporting a large size program and its constituent projects.

Typical objectives of this office would be

  • Create a governance support structure that arms your program management team & leadership to direct and oversee the engagement.
  • Articulate and track operational, financial, legal and reputational risks and support in building and implementing mitigation strategies.
  • Build and update performance dashboards reflecting internal and external commitments for providing performance status on each one of them. This includes revenue & profitability targets, Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Locking in ‘performance roadmaps’ to internal contracts and ensuring measurement parameters provide an objective view of existing status.

We can build and run following kind of Management Offices:

Enterprise PMO: We can build, operate and transfer an enterprise level PMO, supporting key organizational engagements and internal initiatives.

Department PMO: We can build a PMO based on a focused need of a specific department.

Special purpose PMO: We can build and run an onsite or offsite PMO to support program teams for managing critical engagements.

Orcapod uses highly successful measurement methodology that divides each activity into various steps of doneness and Earned Value build on these steps providing an objective view of current status. Successfully executed, it not only helps companies meet or beat engagement goals, but also embeds implementation capabilities into the organization.

Our consulting services to IT Services Companies.