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While a good transaction advisory firm can help you in getting a fair share of value allocation, successful post merger integration in IT Services business is a different ball game and needs strategic perspective and operational excellence. Following a merger, leadership is under time pressure to prioritize integration points, identify synergies and ensure that the integration leads to the desired value creation. Crucial questions that leadership ask:

  • What are our critical success factors and KPIs to define a winning integration?
  • What are the functions that can be quickly integrated with minimal risk and how we can focus on realizing synergies?
  • How can we integrate different cultures and manage the conflict and not to lose our key talent?
  • How do we keep our people focused on business and customers and not get distracted with the integration process.

Our senior consulting workforce has decades of experience and help our clients in activities like effective transition, operational transformation and post merger integration. We can work with the management of your investee company and support them in post integration activities. Our consultants being a neutral & unbiased party to the integration process receive better acceptance on both sides, leading to higher probability of integration success. This not only helps in accelerating synergies realization but reduce risk of talent erosion.

It is our commitment for EBO [Explicit Business Outcome] that Orcapod aligns its financial benefits to the business outcome of our clients. Our milestone based payments ensure that our business interests are aligned to our client’s payback.

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