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Programs slipping on desired timelines and going over budget is not an exception in IT business. This is especially true for intense and demanding engagements like a system integration project, large implementation, outsourcing program or a complex transition. Senior Executives in IT organization deal with the following challenges:

  • While my existing tools & processes help me to harmonize my workforce and to build organizational capabilities, this assignment requires unique delivery capabilities ensured by individual excellence.
  • My existing Program Management capacity is invested in other initiatives and pulling them out at short notice will have adverse impact on my existing commitments.
  • My recent win is a complex engagement but is critical for my long term business success. We have zero margins for failure. I need program management competence which complements my existing capacity and helps me reducing delivery risks.

Our senior consulting work force has decades of Program Management experience, managing business critical complex IT projects delivered from multiple locations. We can add management capacity to your existing project leadership or independently manage programs on your behalf. In specific cases, we do provide management capacity on need basis till the time your organization builds in-house capacity taking the engagement to the next level.

It is confidence in our program management capabilities that we are ready to align our financial benefits to business outcome. Our milestone based payments ensure that our business interests are aligned to our client’s payback.

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