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Business users normally answer only the questions that you ask them. Partial or inaccurate capture of business requirements is the number one reason for change requests. Multiple iterations of requirement development not only cause unnecessary delay and inflates the development cost but also makes the application patchy and difficult to manage. What you need to cover this risk is experience and diligence in requirement gathering. Typical challenges IT teams face in requirement development are…

  • Lack of structure and discipline in requirement gathering, leading to sub optimal business design and potential risk to development phase.
  • Lack of personal leadership and facilitation skills. Business users driving the agenda, leading to inflated scope and budget concerns going out of the window.
  • No or little control on knowledge management and connecting the dots. Team members working in silos and building requirements on completely different assumptions. Result; delay in design sign-off and unstructured prioritization.
  • Sub optimal project management of design phase, leading to inflated effort and delay in delivery timelines.

Our Senior Consulting workforce have years of experience in managing business design phases. We run dedicated and intense workshops with business users by leveraging our proprietary design methodology. Result is, accelerated & tightly knit business design, greater buy-in from stakeholders with minimum need for alterations.

It is confidence in our program management capabilities that we are ready to align our financial benefits to our client’s business outcomes. Our milestone based payments ensure that our business interests are aligned to our client’s payback.

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