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Smart organizations understand the risks involved in any large IT outsourcing program. They recognize this issue and ensure that the right mitigations are built in the plan and enforced in the governance structure.

However, the challenge is in implementing and tracking those mitigations. Operational priorities take most of the time from the IT leadership. This leads to no or little time left for proactive risk management. This results in lack of preparation for any eventuality and proactive decision making suffers

Orcapod can work as your third party risk management partner. We will track a wide array of program risks and our preparation to deal with them. What you get in return is peace of mind and greater attention for cost effective and efficient offshoring.

What distinguishes us from the Consulting divisions of IT Services Organizations is our experienced workforce, agility and company construct. Consulting is our business and we are a genuine and neutral enabler in our advise. We do not carry the risks or benefits of pull through subsequent revenues. We are open to delivering assignments in different commercial constructs ranging from the normal models to aligning Orcapod business benefits to the benefits and savings of our Clients.

Our comprehensive review & risk audits gauge your exposure to operational, legal, financial and compliance risk and ensure that either planned mitigations are sufficient enough to avoid the risk realization or the downside is known and built into the plan.

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional review & audit process is big bang approach to program audits. Audit teams spend 2-3 days with one specific project going through the entire review checklist. This leads to high cost of audit, delivery disruption, and resistance from the project leadership and situation-handling mindset from the team.

Orcapods innovative audit approach leverage proprietary tools & methodology and provide a framework that is economical to conduct, non intrusive in nature, more sustainable and can be spread across days to get a better buy-in.

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