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Any large win on an IT Program might expose your company to operational, legal, financial & reputational risks. Across the program lifecycle, these risks come in different form and shape. While your program management team is fully capable of dealing with them, operational priorities take most of their time resulting in lack of mindshare for larger issues. What you require at this time is a third eye view and someone who brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Orcapod can act as your risk management partner working on pay-when-you-use model. This avoids the need to hire these skills internally and helps in augmenting high competence capacity at short notice. Our review & audits ensure that either planned mitigations are sufficient enough to avoid the possible risks or downside is known and built in the plan.

On specific request we do blend our risk review methodology with your organizational risk management approach. That helps you in getting internal buy-in and fulfilling the compliance requirements.

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional review & audit process is the big bang approach to program audits. Audit teams spend 2-3 days with one specific project going through the entire review checklist. This leads to high cost of audit, delivery disruption, resistance from the project leadership and situation-handling mindset from the team.

Orcapod innovative audit approach leverage proprietary tools & methodology and provide a framework that is economical to conduct, non intrusive in nature, more sustainable and can be spread across days to get a better buy-in.

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