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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When it comes to talent acquisition, It’s a competitive world. Increased competition and technology disruption is creating unforeseen challenges. While everyone knows how important it is to win this race, executing talent strategy on the ground is easier said than done. Leadership in talent acquisition function are increasing dealing with the following challenges:

  • Acquisition channel for each and every kind of talent is different. Something that works for entry level doesn’t work for experienced ones and so is the other way round. Organization need to build comprehensive recruitment strategies that goes far beyond building in-house team and onboarding some vendor partners.
  • Demand driven talent acquisition is the new normal; It is important to build strategies that goes far beyond rapid hiring. It has become necessary to develop cost efficient channels, tools and processes for aligning talent supply chain to business demand.
  • Due to demand volatility, dependencies on vendor partner is increasing, leading to cost increase, loss of operational control and lack of predictability. Conventional vendor contracts are not suitable for high volume recruitment and doesn’t assure any service levels.
  • In addition to running the normal recruitment operations with clock like efficiency; It is important to remain invested in strategic activities like employer brand building, forecast management, talent pipeline administration and operational risk management

Despite the best efforts from the recruitment leadership, outcomes are not always as desired, resulting in cost increase and loss of operational control. Onboarding excessive vendors doesn’t help as this keep adding the transaction cost without any visible change in service delivery. Typical causes for this could be lack of planning, insufficient tools, failed execution or just unsustainable spike in talent demand.

Orcapod can provide strategic and operational support to its clients for meeting their unrelenting talent acquisition goals. Orcapod can establish a customized and context specific RPO on behalf of its client’s. This RPO would be responsible for supporting some or all of these activities.

  • Run end to end hiring process with clock like efficiency. This includes funnel making, screening, assessment, interviewing, selection, offers and on-boarding
  • Work with client teams to run special programs around employer branding, workforce management, internal referrals, campus hiring or expanding gig workforce ecosystem.
  • Create a governance support structure that arms your recruitment team with better demand forecasting, tracking talent pipeline, measure performance and find process gaps.

Business Benefits

Improved Visibility
Lower cost
Rapid On-boarding

Cost Saving, How We Do It?

  • We help our clients reduce dependencies on conventional vendor agreements, leading to material saving in your talent acquisition cost.
  • We help clients roll-out technology platforms like ATS, recruitment helpdesk, social media campaign managers leading to reduced operational effort
  • Our thin onsite team, blended with offsite capacity help you reduce infrastructure cost.
  • Clients don’t need to build capacity for temporary spike in talent demand. We can expand or shrink our fulfilment capacity, based on the business needs
  • We support our clients on enabling processes like background verification, on-boarding and vendor management and payment validation. We offer transaction based pricing for these services.

Experienced Workforce

Flexible Solutions

Whether our client’s need specific recruitment support or overall talent acquisition transformation for their organization, we can deliver. Depending on your needs, our strategic RPO solutions and delivery options can include some or all of our services.

  • Forecast and Demand Management
  • Sourcing
  • Screening and Pre-Assessment
  • Interviewing and Selection
  • Video Interviews
  • Offer Management & Onboarding
  • Background Verification
  • Program Management, Tracking & Reporting
  • Market Intelligence and Research
  • Technology Enablement
  • Proactive Pipeline Development
  • Employer Branding
  • Digital & Social Media Strategy
  • Recruitment Event Management
  • Campus & Off-campus Recruitment
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Candidate Enragement
  • Vendor Acquisition & Evaluation
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Repayments
  • Training and Capacity Building

RPO Options

This offers end to end recruitment solution across career level. In this program, Client involvement is limited to strategic intervention

  • Sourcing, Screening, Assessment
  • End to end process management
  • Vendor Management
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Technology Deployment, Program Management, Stakeholder Management

Recruitment Services are offered to solve a spurt of talent demand for a special project or new initiative.

  • Need for Rapid Scaling Up Recruitment Capacity
  • Requirement against a specific project or new initiative
  • Clearly Defined Objectives, Timelines and Exit Criteria
  • Used as POC for Total Outsourcing Program

Recruitment Solution to solve seasonal spurt of talent demand. Assignment is time bound with defined goals

  • To deal with Seasonal spurt of talent demand
  • Defined duration and predefined objectives
  • Generally used for high volume junior positions for a particular business unit or geography

In this model, Recruiters are staffed to augment internal recruitment capacity. Involvement is more transactional

  • To deal with Seasonal spurt of talent demand
  • Defined duration and predefined objectives
  • Generally used for high volume junior positions for a particular business unit or geography

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