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Organizations can outsource their work not their problems. Whether the IT needs are served with captive teams, vendor teams or with the blended delivery, efficiency and effectiveness are prerequisite for cost optimization and service excellence. Operational deficiency in your IT organization can have direct impact on business enablement and can even derail your captive setup growth plans.

Typical needs of Service Optimization arise in following scenarios:

  • Part of business support IT operations are delivered by the captive organization. IT leadership wants to relook at existing way of working and benchmark internal service standards with the best in Industry.
  • Organization has decided to offshore part of the IT services to captive operations but want to benchmark the cost before handing over the responsibility.
  • Organization has done outsourcing to a third party, but due to various reasons it is not working. IT leadership wants to in-source the operations to captive unit.

Our senior consulting workforce has decades of experience in managing IT service delivery across Industry Sectors. We can closely work with your IT leadership for optimizing your internal IT operations or can help you in-source the activities. Our value addition would be in the areas of structuring governance, re-engineering internal processes and re-positioning service standards. Our proprietary methodology, EBO [Explicit Business Outcome] has strong bias for leveraging existing resources. We will ensure that our clients get maximum benefits from existing resources before putting large investments behind big bang organizational changes.

Consulting Services that pays for itself:  Our consultants ensure that you get guaranteed cost savings from your service optimization initiative. These savings not only pay for the time and money you spend on this exercise but add to your discretionary spend for business enablement.

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