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Once the outsourcing decision is made, the next critical step is to decide the possible list of IT suppliers. ‘Right’ suppliers are not always the one with widest reach and bringing breadth and depth of services. You have wide spectrum of IT needs, from consulting to application management, and you need equally wide supplier choices. Each supplier can bring their own value proposition which can be its geographical reach, organization size, domain expertise, services breadth, consulting depth, attractive price points or risk appetite.

As every outsourcing need is different, with its own critical success factors, typical questions that a CIO organization will ask about Suppliers Selection are as follows:

  • What is my medium to long term strategic priorities?
  • What should be our supplier’s evaluation criteria? How do we know which supplier can meet our outsourcing strategy and objectives.
  • How do we gather information about the possible suppliers? The longer the list, more the effort and complications.
  • How do we compile a good master list of suppliers which fulfill my end to end IT needs at right price points? Can my supplier’s landscape help me down trade my IT needs for better price points or up trade to access more capabilities?
  • Which are the suppliers who can respond to my changing business needs and ensure that my IT organization is capable of Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Based on your strategic imperative, making the right choice of supplier(s) is critical and needs in-depth research and evaluation. Our senior consulting workforce has decades of experience in managing large size outsourcing programs and in depth understanding of the supplier space across the globe. Our proprietary information and selection approach will ensure that the shortlisted suppliers will meet your strategic and tactical needs.

On Client’s demand, we do manage Master Service Agreement lifecycle; that includes supplier’s research, building & rolling out RFI, RFP, negotiations and contract closure

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