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Tarunesh Mongia

Declining business margins and increased competition for talent are creating unforeseen challenges around talent supply chain. Organization need faster response, better talent quality but at lower cost. Here are the number of strategic and operational questions Recruitment leadership is dealing with:

  • In a new world, where all companies have access to low cost talent pool and is capable of offshore play, where do leadership look for competitive advantage?
  • Am I ready for demand shocks? Do I have sufficient variability in my cost structure to align my recruitment capacity with rapidly changing business environment?
  • Do I have sufficient visibility in my talent supply chain. Is my talent and channel strategy is aligned to my business profile; Is it capable of dealing with revenue or margin volatility.
  • How do we gather information about the possible suppliers? What should be our supplier’s evaluation criteria? How do we know which supplier can meet our business needs?
  • Which are the suppliers who can respond to my changing business needs and ensure scalability and predictability and are capable of Innovation and Continuous Improvement?

As part of Talent Supply Chain consulting services, Orcapod can provide support to its clients in following areas:


Compliance &
Risk Mgmt
Supply Chain Mgmt
Cost Optimzation

Our Consulting Services

Demand Driven Talent Acquisition: To build strategies that goes beyond on-demand hiring. Develop cost efficient channels, tools and processes for aligning talent supply chain to business demand.

Value Driven Talent On-boarding: To develop data driven approach to shorten supply chains for fast response and lower talent inventory loss. Develop tools, rearrange HR policies and build methodology for planned on-boarding, productive utilization of benched resources and faster staffing.

Vendor Development for Cost Reduction: Develop vendors and alliances for faster turnaround and reduced cost of talent acquisition. Build an approach for profitable outsourcing of non-core activities.

Demand & Revenue Shock Absorbers: Planned approach for converting your capital expense to operational expense; leading to flexibility in cost structure and better preparation to deal with demand & revenue variability.

Building Tools, Methodology & Processes for Delivery Excellence: To develop intellectual property around proprietary tools, methodologies and processes helping in achieving the much needed improvement in talent supply chain.

Cost Optimization & Asset Sweating: Benchmarking and finding opportunities of cost optimization across cost heads and strategies to improve asset sweating. Implementing process improvement initiatives like lean management.

Virtual War Room: While your in-house governance team is driving the talent acquisition activities, we can support them by building and operating a virtual war room. This will not only act as a passive repository of contract documents, historical reports but will be an active shelf space maintained by our team to provide support information. This way, while we will take care of your mundane and repetitive business tasks, your leadership can spend their time on real decision making.

As part of our Compliance and Risk Consulting, we can offer you following services:

Vendor Audit Strategy: We can work with client to build a vendor audit framework. This can help clients audit their staffing vendor for regulatory compliance, financial stability and operational readiness.

Process Reviews: Any for any large organization, talent supply chain brings its own share of operational, legal, financial & reputational risks. Across the process lifecycle, these risks come in different form and shape. While your management team is fully capable of dealing with them, operational priorities take most of their time resulting in lack of mindshare for larger issues. What you require at this time is a third eye view and someone who brings a fresh perspective to the table. Orcapod can act as your risk management partner working on pay-when-you-use model. This avoids the need to hire these skills internally and helps in augmenting high competence capacity at short notice.

Talent Acquisition and Management calls for a massive mobilization and deployment of organizational resources. When dealing with critical initiatives like this, success can be achieved only through centralized management and careful coordination, with a specific focus on communication and risk management.

Orcapod can establish a Talent Supply chain PMO on its client’s behalf, which would be responsible for:

  • Create a governance support structure that arms your team & leadership to direct and oversee the activities
  • Articulate and track operational, financial, legal and reputational risks and support in building and implementing mitigation strategies.
  • Build and update performance dashboards reflecting internal and external commitments for providing performance status on each one of them. This includes demand management, fulfilment targets, Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Locking in ‘performance roadmaps’ to internal contracts and ensuring measurement parameters provide an objective view of existing status.

Orcapod uses highly successful measurement methodology that divides each activity into various steps of doneness and Earned Value build on these steps providing an objective view of current status. Successfully executed, it not only helps companies meet or beat business goals, but also embeds implementation capabilities into the organization.

Well crafted RFI and RFPs are like creating shopping list. You get what you asked for, not what you wanted. Inaccurate requirement definition can lead to suboptimal proposals, lengthy procurement lifecycle and expensive services. Building the right kind of requirements, crafting Business-aligned SLA/ KPIs, incorporating effective penalties & rewards can take you a long way in structuring an effective recruitment or staffing contract.

Our consulting workforce have decades of experience in managing recruitment and staffing contracts. Our proprietary approach to manage service procurement lifecycle ensures that you get the right value from your recruitment outsourcing initiative. We can add management capacity to your procurement team owning the RFI/ RFP cycle.

While a good transaction advisory firm can help you in getting a fair share of value allocation, successful post merger integration in Recruitment department is a different ball game and needs strategic perspective and operational excellence. Following a merger, leadership is under time pressure to prioritize integration points, identify synergies and ensure that the integration leads to the desired value creation. Crucial questions that leadership ask:

What are our critical success factors and KPIs to define a winning integration?

What are the functions that can be quickly integrated with minimal risk and how we can focus on realizing synergies?

How can we integrate different cultures and manage the conflict and not to lose our key talent?

How do we keep our people focused on business and customers and not get distracted with the integration process.

Our senior consulting workforce has decades of experience and help our clients in activities like effective transition, operational transformation and post merger integration. We can work with the management and support them in post integration activities. Our consultants being a neutral & unbiased party to the integration process receive better acceptance on both sides, leading to higher probability of integration success. This not only helps in accelerating synergies realization but reduce risk of talent erosion.

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