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Your IT landscape is key to your business. Once the decision to Outsource is taken and contract signed, making your IT vendor succeed is a joint agenda. Ensuring transition from your IT team and existing vendor is not only stressful but is fraught with real business risks. Failure to have a successful transition might have adverse impacts on your business continuity.

How do we get started in a large outsourcing program, set the pace for everything that follows, and hence the first few months of a new outsourcing relationships are critical. Typical Challenges for a CIO organization in transition management are:

  • How to structurally engage the existing vendor so that business interests of all the three parties are aligned.
  • How to constructively engage the internal IT team so that they positively contribute to the transition and subsequent stabilization.
  • How to define the scope of the transition, measure completeness and track performance? Suboptimal performance of your vendor can have impact on service quality and might extend the stabilization phase.
  • How to ensure service and business continuity while executing the transition? How to quickly stabilize the operations and ensure that it returns to business-as-usual mode?

Our senior consulting workforce has decades of experience in managing large size outsourcing programs. STM [Swift Transition Methodology], our proprietary approach to transition management ensures end to end success of a transition engagement. We closely work with your IT leadership and act as success enablers. We provide information visibility, insights and performance tracking to ensure that shifting services, people and assets from your environment to your outsourcing vendor happens quickly and effectively.

Our consulting workforce can act as reinforcement to your existing transition management capacity or can independently manage programs on your behalf. Our objective would be to ensure a successful transition, stabilization and then handover the activities back to your IT team.

It is inherent confidence in our transition management capabilities that we are ready to align our financial benefits to your business outcome. Our milestone based payments ensure that our business interests are aligned to your payback.

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