#TalentEverywhere | Newsletter, Feb’21 – Mar’21

#TalentEverywhere | Newsletter, Feb’21 – Mar’21

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8 things that make us a better staffing partner

by – Tarunesh Mongia, Managing Principal, Orcapod

As part of my work profile, I meet lot of our potential clients on the regular basis. One question that I keep confronting most of the time is to differentiate Orcapod from other options that a client has. I am sure this ask is not unique to Orcapod but is a legitimate question for every staffing vendor.

If we were in a product business, selling a SAAS software or a mobile phone; It was so easy to take out the product and show 20 differences and make a compelling case for clients to buy from us. However, what you do when you are offering a service and every claim that you make in that discussion look like “Sales”. Needless to say, all other competitors can make similar or more impressive claims without blinking an eyelid. What you do when you know that service is an experience that a client will only consume, once he starts working. With all these challenges, it is important that we remain honest and resist the temptations to make large claims or set wrong expectations; Because that will lead to nothing other than winners’ curse.

Despite having an issue with the question; I can understand why this is a legitimate one and needs to be answered. So without being too emotional about it; Here is my list of eight differences that make us better.

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Industry News

Upskilling The Gig Workforce

Gig workers have become an integral part of the workforce. Although many large organizations rely on gig workers to bring a particular skillset to the table it is now time to focus on improving their productivity by upgrading their skills. This will lead to higher productivity and greater operational efficiencies in the coming year. Organizations need to create a sustainable gig workforce with updated Technology skills, Soft skills, Customer service skills, Project Management skills, and other miscellaneous skills. What do these skills entail? Read to know more.

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Top Trends To Shape Work in 2021

While 2020 was an unanticipated year in history, 2021 doesn’t seem to offer smooth sailing yet. Although work from home became the norm and employees and organizations seem to have settled in, the rate of disruption is yet to play across the coming years. You can expect several new trends to pop up in 2021 and beyond. Read to find out how employee life experiences, societal stances, political debates, employee monitoring, employee monitoring, mental health support, renting talent, and more will be a part of 2021.

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IT Sector Hiring sees a big Jump: Recruiter Bullish on Job Growths

2021 has witnessed an upswing in job growth across different sectors. The JobSpeak Index has recorded a 33% growth in hiring in the IT sector alone in February 2021. Other sectors that have recorded a noticeable upswing in hiring include the Telecom sector, Education Sector, Healthcare Sector, HR Sector, and BFSI sector. Metros lead the way in positive hiring activities with Bengaluru at the top.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Get ahead of talent acquisition with the help of Orcapod Services. With the competition on a steady rise along with unforeseen challenges, Orcapod is here to ensure that you have access to customized talent acquisition services. With solutions based on your business needs, you will not have to worry about talent acquisition anymore. Orcapod is well-versed in handling the entire hiring process, end to end management, enabling your organization to work with clock-like efficiency.
Improved Efficiency, Lower Cost, Flexible Solutions, and Rapid Onboarding: Read to know how Orcapod has it all covered.

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